Nicholas Gilman is a renowned journalist and food writer based in Mexico City.

Nicholas Gilman es un renombrado periodista gastronómico radicado en la Ciudad de México.

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And Now for the Bad News... Booby Prizes of 2009

Last week I wrote about some of 2009’s culinary highlights. Now it’s time to vent. It was a rough year for el Day Effay, what with the flu, the crisis and endless drug news (most of which has nothing to do with the capital). The restaurant racket is a tough one - I know, I've labored within - and one must be lenient at times. But somefaux pas gastronomiques are inexcusable. They deserve to be brought to light. 'Oscar' type awards are due here. I hope my younger (i.e. under 49) readers forgive me for some of the more arcane references. But as Imelda said when she plunked down her Visa card for just one more pair of Manolo Blahniks “I just can’t help it”…and now, the envelope, please

Adios para Siempre plated gold watches go to:

Le Cirque:c’est fini – tant pis

A.O.: Japanese fusion nicely done in an old house with jazz. The Colonia Roma public wasn’t ready for it. They shoulda put up the TVs.

O'Mei: in the hotel Nikko put on a satisfying pan-Asian buffet...perhaps they shouldn'ta put out SO much.

The Imelda-Marcos-doesn’t-she-know-there’s-a-recession? cup should be handed to the St. Regis' Diana for their 950 peso brunch.

The Baby-with-the-bathwater medal goes to the government of el D.F. for sweeping up the vendors in the centro and with them some beloved streetfood institutions. They should go see how it’s done in Bangkok.

The Greta-Garbo-she-never-DID-make-her-comeback prize is earned by Martha Chapa, whose mysteriously closed Aguila y Sol is still discussed at finer soirees.

The To-Hell-in-a-handbasket statuette is deserved by El Mesón Andaluz for making their once fine arroz negro with hot dogs.

The Kathleen-Turner-blowsy-broad plaque goes to the historic La Fonda del Recuerdo for covering their nice old wood floors with plastic “pisos de lamina”.

The Paris-Hilton-dumb-as-she-looks award: is deserved by the restaurant Mirador, atop the Torre Latinoamericana, for dumping the fabulous mid-century moderne décor in favor of airport contempo.

I award the Premio Cantinflas to Tezka for their horrible service and absurdly translated menu: tocino del cielo = sky bacon; Manitos de cerdo = pig handies!

The Joan-Crawford-it’s-fun-to-be-a-bitch award: is merited by yours truly.

See you at the Academy....

School Lunch:  Zéfiro Restaurante Escuela

School Lunch: Zéfiro Restaurante Escuela

The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come